Project Objective: To design a performing arts high school for a site in Chicago. This assignment was done with a partner, and led to a different design process than the one I had developed over the previous year.

Like the cruise terminal, in this project, I gave great focus to the user interface of the building. I took this opportunity to re-imagne the possibilities of high school architecture. Many problems exist with the plans of older high schools, such as bottlenecked hallways, lack of lighting, boring circulation, lack of open meeting places, etc. To fix these problems we created a building with no hallways. People circulate to different areas within the building through programmed spaces. Essentially leaving the plan completely open and only designing partitions for classrooms that needed sound & visual isolation. We coined the term ‘Living Space’ to describe the open areas of the building that people circulate through. The living space incorporates various programs such as classrooms, studios, dining, discussion areas, peformance area, gallery spaces, and un-programmed spaces.

Aside from design practice this project was greatly beneficial in learning tools such as AutoCad, and Illustrator.

Performing Arts High School

  • Design Studio 3