Project Objective: To design a building that is to be an art gallery with space for a private artist studio. The site available for the building was an excavated underground lot with only a small portion of the building allowed to rise above ground level.

This project led me to discover a design process that has helped me conceive designs for future buildings. The basic premise of this design was discovered on accident. After failing to create a favorable design, I opened the doors to experimental physical model building. After building various cardboard models, one of them caught my attention, an interesting form that would work well for gallery walls. The rest of the design grew from this form. To get light into the underground part of the building I angled the retaining wall to break open the box and allow light in. Traits involving scaling vertical walls, connecting floors, and blending spaces were discovered after analyzing this project. I feel lucky to have discovered so many important features that helped guide the creation of my future building designs.

Art Gallery & Studio

  • Design Studio 1